Kermit the Frog

Kermit the Frog goes blue


Why has Kermit gone blue? The change in his personality is frightning and undeniable. According to the Henson firm's publicity, he's a bright green, ''gentlemanly, sophisticated and intelligent'' frog-reporter. So what made him change? I have several theories. 1) Personal Breakdown. Maybe Kermit has been under too much pressure lately and his erratic behavior is the result of that. 2) Serious Psychological Fracturing. Kermit's personality may have splintered. Without the guidance of Jim Henson, who Kermit undoubtedly grew very attached to, Kermit has been forced to turn to Henson's progeny in recent years. They may not be enough to fill the void, and Kermit's grief and confusion may have finally caught up with him. 3) It Isn't Really Kermit. It could easily be an imposter puppet posing as Kermit the Frog. Meanwhile, where is the real Kermit being held? Perhaps on the Moon landing soundstage in Area 51? Or in a foreign country by terrorists? We demand the truth! Or perhaps Kermit was cloned and genetic replication errors are to blame.

Whatever the cause of Kermit's sad personality shift, the entire puppet community grieves for him.


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