puppet links

The Puppet Cafe -- a nice Henson-produced site with puppet video (not Muppets)

Puppet Making Supplies -- foam, rods, animatronics, etc.

The Puppetry Home Page -- a free resource for the puppetry community

Puppeteers of America, Organization of Puppetry -- provides information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love puppet theater

The Puppetry Lounge -- a place for those in the puppetry community to meet, discuss, and enjoy puppetry

Jan Svankmajer: Alchemist of the Surreal -- very weird puppets and stop-motion animation

House of Effects -- creatures, sculptures, masks, make-up, animated figures, props, scenic and set decorations, character costumes, and Halloween gags

Sesame Workshop - Meet Snuffy -- "Oh, dear."

Muppet Central -- Uniting Fans Around the World

Welcome to Henson.com -- the official Henson site

Muppets official page -- get your muppet facts here

Muppet World -- a very spiffy official Muppets site, with great Flash and Shockwave content

Mar's Muppet links -- tons of links

Whysanity - Muppet stuff -- Muppet lyrics, and lots of them

Star Wars on the Muppet Show -- wow! very cool

Pigs in Space -- Starring the indominable Link Hogthrob, the flapable firstmate Miss Piggy, and the inexplicable Dr. Strangepork

Muppets From Space -- the official site for the movie

Muppet Sound Clips -- a few good clips

The Electric Mayhem Page -- the Muppet band

Kermit, etc. -- some pictures and sounds

KoobiFora: Der Svedish Chef -- English-to-mock-Swedish algorithm translates anything for you

The Swedish Chef -- Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!

Ze sveedish chef -- another translator page

Rowlf's Page -- specific stuff on Rowlf

Muppet Collectibles -- bunch of unusual Muppet stuff you've probably never seen

lion links

The Lion Research Center Home Page -- great info here

African Lion -- Great Cats of the World -- more good info

American Lions -- "American lions (Panthera leo atrox) were among the largest flesh-eating land animals that lived during the Ice Age (Quaternary the last two million years) in America. They ranged from Alaska and Yukon as far south as Peru..."

LIONS (Panthera Leo) -- "Of all the great cats, the lion has always held a supreme place in man's esteem and imagination. The lion has always been honored by man, crediting the regal beast with attributes he prizes most; nobility, courage, loyalty, combative skills and sexual prowess. This attribution applies to both sexes, for a lioness is a creature of sinuous beauty, but the full-grown male, whose magnificent mane ranging in color from a rich golden brown to a deep blackish-brown, mark him as the veritable monarch of the plains. The legacy of the lion, King of Beasts, as the model throughout history is demonstrated by its appearance among the earliest drawings made by humans over 15,000 years ago..." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Animal Bytes: African lion -- quick facts from SeaWorld


Winged Lion of St. Mark - Venice -- Lions are scattered about Venice...

The Cryptozoo: Weird Predators Petting Zoo! -- the Beast of Bodmin Moor and inexplicably slain livestock

The Natural History Museum, London -- This is the story of how The Natural History Museum tracked down the Beast of Bodmin Moor...

The Beast of Gloucester -- the Black Beast of Inkberrow and more... "Interestingly, around this time a local UFO group received a report of a strange alien creature alongside a road near Tewkesbury. The 'alien' was described as looking a little like a brown paper bag propped up on a stick. As the witness passed in his car the creature bounded off down the road. Robin Coles, the UFO investigator who questioned him, showed me a sketch which the witness interpreted as a creature with exceedingly large upright ears but which, to my eyes, looked surprisingly like the silhouette of a cat crouching beside the road with its haunches raised as if ready to spring..."

British Alien Big Cats -- lots of info here

The British Big Cat Mystery -- another page about the mystery

Russell Hoban's The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz -- "There were no lions any more. There had been lions once. Sometimes in the shimmer of the heat on the plains the motion of their running still flickered on the dry wind--tawny, great, and quickly gone. Sometimes the honey-coloured moon shivered to the silence of a ghost roar on the rising air."

Dark Squirrel homepage -- my beloved sponsor

Bunny on the Moon -- great jewelry

Rhizome -- wacky

Shift -- cool design from Japan

Born Magazine -- multimedia stuff

hell.com -- I keep thinking this will be cool one day

Cute Hamsters All Over the World -- all hamsters, all the time

Toys from Archie McPhee Online -- fun toys

Ask Dr. Science! -- any questions?

Space Future -- someday!

NASA Human SpaceFlight -- get the latest space station news

Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking -- find out exactly where the space station is right now

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: The Home Page -- some good info

what's up there tonight? -- tells you what satellites, etc. are visible where you are tonight

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