Lion: Hi and welcome to the program.

Xuxi: It's great to be here, Lion.

Lion: So you come from Peru, is that right?

Xuxi: Yes, from the Andes. I've been in your country for only a week or so, and so far --

Lion: Excuse me, but how is it that a lion finger puppet came to be in Peru?

Xuxi: I was born there.



Lion: Yes, but isn't that strange? I didn't know there were lions in Peru.

Xuxi: We immigrated.

Lion: Ah.

Xuxi: A long time ago.

Lion: Really?

Xuxi: Yes, I trace my roots to the Incas.

Lion: You don't say. Is that where your name comes from?

Xuxi: It is Quechuan, actually.

Lion: Gesundheit.

Xuxi: No, Quechuan is my native language. In fact, there are probably some Quechuan words you use and don't even know, like puma and lima beans.

Lion: Do they serve that in Peru?!?!?

Xuxi: Sometimes. You have to be careful.

Lion: Interesting country.

Xuxi: Would you like to hear something in Quechuan?

Lion: OK, I guess. But skip the beans.

Xuxi: Ima raykun sinchita llaqichiwanki?

Lion: What does that mean?

Xuxi: It means "why do you make me suffer so?"

Lion: You've got some attitude, buster. Maybe I should bop you on the nose.

Xuxi: Sorry.

Lion: Maybe we should move along with the interview.

Xuxi: Of course.



Lion: So are there many lion finger puppets in Peru these days?

Xuxi: Quite a few, actually. We try to keep it quiet, but there are large enclaves living high in the Andes.

Lion: Really. How do you make a living?

Xuxi: Well, before I moved here, of course, I mostly gave bicycle tours.

Lion: I've always wanted to take one of those.

Xuxi: You should, the views are great.

Lion: What would you say the major concerns of your people would be?

Xuxi: You mean Peruvian lion finger puppets?

Lion: Uh-huh.

Xuxi: Well, there is something of a yarn shortage going on. Lots of multinational companies are coming along and snatching up the natural resources, mostly to make those cute bags and hats. And without a decent supply of yarn, it's hard for us to grow as a people.

Lion: I can see that.

Xuxi: Other than that...

Lion: Do you have any problems with university funding?

Xuxi: Not as much as you might think.

Lion: What did you major in?

Xuxi: Mathematics, with a minor in traditional dance.

Lion: Here in America we sometimes have difficulty getting scholarships, especially to the larger, more well-known schools. Humans get the "lion's share," if you catch my meaning.

Xuxi: I do indeed.

Lion: Well it was great talking to you, and I hope you enjoy your stay in this country.

Xuxi: Actually I was hoping to stay here for awhile.

Lion: Whatever.




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