Who is Babbit?


Vital Statistics:

Height not including ears: 10 inches (25 centimeters)

Height with ears fully extended: 12 inches (30 centimeters)

Heritage: Furry Folk Puppets, California (modacrylic polyester with polyester fill)

Favorite ice cream flavor: anything with carrots

ain't he cute?

Babbit is well known in entrepreneurial circles and among puppet intelligentsia world wide. He owns several real estate companies, book stores, high precision babbitted bearings companies, and various research facilities, among other things. There is even a city called Babbitt in Minnesota (the extra "t" is often added for legal reasons). Babbit currently resides in New Mexico, where he has several mobile home parks and possibly a casino.

Babbit is NOT related to Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, despite rumors to the contrary.

His hobbies and interests, apart from his financial and intellectual pursuits, include astronomy, eatting carrots, race cars, and eating more carrots.

The name "Babbit" or "Babbitt" can be found throughout the world; chances are you've seen one of Babbit's properties or facilities and didn't even realize it. Search Google and see for yourself...

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