Large Rabbit in Hat Puppet
1999 Parents' Choice® Recommended winner
Abracadabra! Entertain kids and adults alike with this charming Rabbit in Hat puppet. A soft, white furry rabbit is nestled inside a black top hat made of short-napped velour. Puppeteers can manipulate the rabbit through an opening found in the bottom of the top hat. The rabbit has pink inner ears, pink eyes, and whiskers protrude from either side of its pink thread nose. If you've ever fancied yourself a master of magic, this puppet will do the trick. Approximately 8 inches wide by 14 inches long. Surface washable with cold water. --Peggy Etra

Kid Glove: Alligator Marionette
Take this scaly character for a walk, marionette-style! Long invisible strings run from the glove fingers to the legs, back, and head. The body is green tie-dye with shiny reptilian print that has the effect of looking wet. Light brown velveteen fabric covers the underside, including the feet. The eyes are large and imposing, and the teeth are made of white vinyl. Fun and easy to use. Approximately 5 inches wide by 20 inches long. Surface washable with cold water. --Peggy Etra

This jovial gator sports shiny green scales and a permanent toothy grin. His scales may give him a crusty look, but he's really a soft and cuddly guy. Have him clamber up out of the swamps with the motion of your fingers.

Alligator Puppet
Hand puppets offer a gateway to creative play, and this realistic alligator puppet extends an enticing invitation to explore the swamplands! This 24-inch-long plush alligator has an olive body with black scales, a scaly tan underside, and protruding black eyes. Slip your hand inside the overstuffed body and the alligator rests solidly upon your arm, awaiting your slightest movement. Wiggle your arm and the alligator walks along the swamp bank on four outstretched legs with his tail swaying. Open your hand and the alligator opens his jaws wide--watch out for those pointy white teeth! The best thing about this adorable puppet is that it's equally comfortable for pint-sized and full-sized hands! See ya later alligator! --Tami Horiuchi

Our cuddly Alligator will swamp you with affection! This realistically rendered puppet, with his silk-screened velour and velveteen body and soft plastic teeth, crouches at the riverbank ready to make a splash in your home!

Boa Constrictor Puppet
"I'm being swallowed..." has an ominous ring, but turnabout's fair play. With this scaly-textured Boa Constrictor puppet, YOU can do the swallowing! While she wraps around your body, you can make small things disappear down her gaping maw and have onlookers gulping.

Butterflies Fingerpuppet Playset
A different spin (or flap) on finger puppets: a set of four beautiful butterflies that attach to your fingers with small loops on the bodies. Each butterfly is 3.25 inches long and has wings 5 inches wide that are made from a translucent material that is just stiff enough to stick out but soft enough to flap. Best of all, each creature is a replica of an actual species: represented here are the Claudina Agrias claudina sardanapalus, Malachite Siproeta stelenes, Morphidae Morpho menelaus, and Swallowtail Pterourus glaucus. The ideal gift for the prestidigitating lepidopterist in your life. --Richard Farr

Four species of bright and beautiful butterflies decorate your fingertips with this set of finger puppets. Set includes the delicate blue Morphidae, the color-patched Claudina, the leafy-green Malachite and the intricate Swallowtail.

Chameleon Puppet
In a word, this puppet is dazzling! Green and black metallic material covers this crafty chameleon's body. Its big, black eyes are set in bulging sockets--giving the impression that it can see in all directions at once. It has a curved tail, green velveteen spikes run along its back, and its impressive mouth and tongue are pink. Puppeteers work the mouth through a hand opening on its underside. This chameleon doesn't change color, but it's so beautiful, you really wouldn't want it to. Approximately 7 inches wide and 38 inches long. Surface washable with cold water. --Peggy Etra

Eye-catching and fly-catching! Our shimmery green Chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while its lightning fast tongue darts forth to nab prey. Hand enters from underneath.

Baby Cheetah Puppet
Baby cheetahs have a mane to help with camouflage, which disappears in adulthood. This little cheetah puppet is nowhere near that old yet and is eager to leap and play when you animate his front paws and head.

Chipmunk Puppet
An ancient Iroquois legend says Chipmunk got the stripes on his back when angry Bear swatted at him, annoyed by his chattering. Sitting perkily on his haunches, this chipmunk puppet does look to be a chatty chap. He's amazingly detailed, from the slim markings over his keen brown eyes to the stripes that run from nose to tail. Crafted of four different types of soft fake fur, he's got ears, nose, and paws of caramel-colored felt. The puppet "pocket" is hidden at the base of his belly; the lifelike little guy sits on his haunches on one of your arms while your other hand works his two forepaws and head. Or he can just perch his diminutive 9 inches on your kid's bed or bookshelf: he's equally cute when he's not busy talking someone's ears off. He's a great addition to a play group, preschool, or kindergarten classroom, although if you've got kids who still nibble on toys from time to time, you'll want to keep an eye on the felt "paws"--they could shred eventually. --Julie Ubben

Chubby cheeks, a ruddy complexion and racing stripes greet you when this friendly fellow climbs aboard your hand. When you work his arms, he can hold a nut or tidy his face up after dinner. Use your opposing hand to flick his tail for expressive gesturing.

Dragon Puppet
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a magical dragon with golden eyes and shining wings of emerald green. A ridge of massive scales ran from his head to the very end of his tail. Steam puffed from his flared nostrils, and he had a long, forked, blood-red tongue--okay, okay... we were imagining the steam. But this Dragon Puppet is one of the hottest we've seen. He's over 2 feet long with his tail uncurled (he was asleep when we measured), and crafted of rich, velvety green plush with a creamy fur underbelly. His quilted wings and ears are satin, and the scales that line his back don't pose much threat to the valiant knight--they're made of felt. Depending on the story line, his wide-eyed expression could easily be read as friendly or malevolent. The pocket where you place your hand is hidden between his wings, so he perches on your arm--or some other surface--while you work those beastly jaws. But have no fear, fair princess... he's toothless. --Julie Ubben

With her flame-red tongue and fierce scowl, this mythical Dragon puppet has the power to scare away nightmares! But never fear: her soft velour body, satin wings and plump plush belly make her the dragon of your dreams.

Bullfrog Puppet
Rrriibbbiiittt! Measuring 26 inches from eyeballs to webbed feet, this big softie is one of the largest puppets (not to mention, frogs) we've ever seen. With velvety-soft plush fur in a stunning deep green, a huge rounded belly, and long limbs for hugging, this handsome would-be prince will inspire endless creative play or bedtime stories. His tag even tells the story of the frog prince. Bullfrog--an altogether kissable, huggable friend--is from Folkmanis, maker of puppets inspired by nature. --Melissa Wilson

With wide grin and friendly demeanor he may not look like royalty, but this prince among puppets is just the guy to hop around with. And with his soft green plush and generous belly, when play time is done he doubles as a pillow!

Iguana Puppet
"In the beginning, Iguana lived alone in a dark cave. When it was time to populate the earth, First Mother came to him." Feeling too plain, Iguana pleaded to be left alone. First Mother wouldn't hear of it. "I will make a crest on your back from the ridges of the mighty mountains," she said, "and give you a wondrous tail that sprouts again like a corn plant if you lose it, and brighten you with colors from the flowers of the forest." One look at this iguana puppet indicates that the original fellow must have been placated by First Mother. Glamorous green and gold-flecked skin, a dark green fringe of a crest on his back, and a flickering red split tongue make this a reptile to be reckoned with. From tongue tip to tail tip, this realistic iguana measures 32 inches long. Place your hand inside to bob the head, walk the feet--even wag the tongue. A tag includes facts of interest and the First Feast folktale, making this fellow educational as well as huggable. --Emilie Coulter

The giant green iguana, while gaining popularity as a pet, remains a high maintenance animal. Not so this realistic iguana puppet! His soft, scaly body, forked tongue and workable jaws will surely bring out the herptiphile in you, especially as he requires no cleanup!

Ladybug Puppet
Winner of a Parents' Choice Award
How does your garden grow? No nursery is complete without a few friendly ladybugs. Our award-winning Ladybug glove puppet fits growing hands of all sizes, from child to adult. Innovative six-fingered design can be worn on either hand. It includes a hangtag featuring popular children's rhymes.

Octopus Puppet
Need a hand? This octopus puppet has eight dark seafoam green arms with black suction cup accents under the tentacles. The bulbous head sports brown heavy-lidded eyes that give this creature a kind of sleepy charm. Designed to fit like a glove, with an opening behind the head, the puppet measures 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. Both children and adults will enjoy this puppet, who is surface washable with cold water. --Peggy Etra

How does this puppet grab you? Any way he wants to, we answer. With eight movable tentacles, this soft velour glove puppet has a firm grasp of the situation.

Snowy Owl Puppet
Puppets nurture the imagination, inspire creativity, develop interactive play, and expand language. This reviewer has found them to be excellent tools for teaching foreign languages--children will comfortably experiment when manipulating a puppet, but not when simply talking to a friend. As children mature, they are able to use puppets in a more sophisticated manner that will help them last a good long time.

Snowy Owl is well made and true to form with her white and gray spotted fur. The texture of her leather beak and talons gives her an air of authenticity, and her large glass eyes ringed with thick white fur won't miss a rodent. A plastic stick inside Snowy Owl's body lets you rotate her head 360 degrees. With a wingspan of 22 inches, she will play a prominent role on the puppet stage. --Sandy Hirsch

Scallop Puppet
This scallop puppet is a shellfish with personality. Measuring 6 by 5 inches, it has a brown and beige shell with a shiny brown lining, and inside the shell is a light pink body and black tubes with bright blue at the ends. The puppeteer's opening is at the shell's hinge. An included diagram shows how this puppet works. A most unusual and fun puppet, this ocean dweller will delight children and adults alike. Surface washable. --Peggy Etra

Sea Lion Puppet
This tall, dark, and handsome guy is the king of the sea. Well, maybe not, but he will rule over your toy collection with adorable splendor. You may recognize him from the zoo or the circus, but most sea lions make their home off the West Coast of the United States. Made of soft, chocolate brown plush, this high-quality toy is actually a puppet in disguise. With such details as whiskers, vinyl flippers, and even a few wrinkles, you'll swear he's almost real. This sweet-faced friend is destined to be a favorite among kids and grownups alike. His tag provides interesting facts about the breed and a cute short story called "Raven's Trick." --Melissa Wilson

From California piers to Galapagos Island beaches, you can find the sea lion basking in the sun. This summer, our Sea Lion puppet is swimming to your neighborhood in search of snacks. So stock up on fish; with soft brown fur and a face like this, you won't be able to resist.

My Playhouse Theater
Fully illustrated inside and out and constructed to be sturdy and easy to assemble--no tools necessary--this wooden play theatre is sure to be a favorite attraction in your home. An actual working door and colorful front and back curtains add to the playful environment. The red peaked roof top is canopied with brightly colored awning. Use the front panel chalkboard to announce show times or create colorful scenery.

Floor Standing Theatre
At last, your collection of hand puppets can get the home--or rather the workplace--it deserves. Sturdily constructed from wood, this traditional Punch and Judy puppet theatre requires no tools for assembly. The roof features a colorful clock with movable hands so you can let people know when to expect the yellow curtain to be drawn back for the next show. You can also write the time, or other relevant information, on the chalkboard panel just below the stage. The facade is held in a vertical position with simple red wooden feet. No puppets are included. The theatre measures 58 inches high, 29 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. --Richard Farr

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