Marvin's Executive Magic Collection
This collection is elegantly presented in its own carrying case with unique tricks featuring card, coin and tabletop magic. These include The Dynamic Coins, Wizard Magic Cards, Chinese Sticks, Magic Coin Plinth, Melting Coins and Jumbo Comedy Card. As a set, this represents exceptional value with a 40% saving on the tricks' collective retail price. With Marvin's EXECUTIVE MAGIC COLLECTION it will not be long before you can perform card magic at the dinner table or even make money appear at your command! Cool and sophisticated enough for teenagers and adults yet simple enough for a keen 10-year-old. The precision-made apparatus is ideal for those who don't have the time to learn sleight of hand but wish to give the impression of being accomplished magicians.

Hocus Pocus Magic Set with 100 Tricks

100 Trick Magic Set
The New 100 Trick Magic Show is the perfect gift for the aspiring magician--whether the wizard-in-training is 7 years old, or 47 and following up on a lifelong dream. There's nothing messy or scary here--no live rabbits or sharp saws--just an excellent assortment of fun and mystifying magic tricks. Everything you need is provided to perform 100 tricks: card, rope, and dice tricks; disappearing and--abracadabra!--reappearing coins, balls, and hankies; and a whole assortment of amazing illusions. To help you learn the tricks and perfect your technique, there's a step-by-step Secret Instruction Booklet and an instructional video. A collapsible, sturdy cardboard Magician's Stand and Table is included to provide the perfect surface for performing all your tricks. And, yes, it does come with a magic wand. The New 100 Trick Magic Show is definitely a lot of magic for your money. --Chris Livesay

The Magic Hat Set
You won't be able to pull a rabbit out of this top hat, but it's amazing how many other tricks emerge from it. The hat itself, which is plain black plastic, won't fool anyone at the opera, but master magician Marshall Brodien shares 120 wizardly tricks. Pompons, dice, strings, rings, and suction cups are just some of the equipment you can use to work your way through the tricks explained in two included booklets. There's even a false bottom for the hat. About the only thing that won't actually fit inside the hat is the included 10- inch magician's wand. --Richard Farr

Secret Box Of Tricks
This is a mini-magic show in a mysterious box that's a fabulous illusion onto itself for ages 8 and up. Show the black box empty - Abracadabra! It's now full with 25 incredible tricks anyone can do! This is truly an amazing and unique magic set. Once you have discovered how to magically make your props appear and disappear you will be able to perform a complete magic show with tricks that even professional magicians use. Make a coin vanish with the incredible..Penny-tration. Make a match float mysteriously above a playing carda terrific illusion. Mystify with the amazing Jumping Gems. Over 20 other fabulous illusions. These tricks have been specially selected with great care and expertise. A beautifully presented Secret Instruction Booklet accompanies each set which ensures that you will always baffle and mystify your audience.

Magic 8 Ball Party Game
Magic 8 Ball celebrates it's 55th anniversary with a new game that combines the fortune-telling fun of the Magic 8 Ball with the excitement of a board game. For 4 or more players.

Kid's Magician Hat with Rabbit
Presto, change-o! Children can transform themselves into magicians with this ultimate prestidigitator's prop. The velvety black top hat comes equipped with a secret interior compartment and a soft, plush white rabbit that hides easily inside. Aspiring magicians can show spectators a seemingly empty hat and then proudly pull the small rabbit out of the well-concealed pocket. Great looking and a cinch to maneuver, this hat will truly set the stage for a terrific magic act. --Jane Snyder

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