Garden Weasel Mini Claw
* Cultivates, loosens, aerates, and weeds all types of soil, even heavy clay
* Makes watering more efficient
* Helps to avoid damaging or cutting vital root systems
* Smaller size helpful on delicate projects

Cute and practical, the Mini Claw aerates and loosens soil, increasing the effectiveness of watering and fertilizing. Also helpful for weeding, the Mini Claw has three angled tines and a vinyl grip. If you're looking for heavy-duty aeration, you may want to purchase a larger version of the Claw, but for delicate projects, the Mini Claw provides the precision you need.

The Garden Weasel Mini Claw cultivates, loosens, aerates, and weeds all types of soil, even heavy clay. Its unique corkscrew spiral action means that there is no bending or lifting, so you are protected from undue muscle and back stress. A simple half turn of the mini claw will easily loosen and aerate all kinds of soil, uproot weeds, blend in fertilizers and peat moss, cultivate around shrubs and bushes, and make watering more efficient. Its quality design also helps to avoid damaging or cutting vital root systems. The mini claw size is excellent for flower boxes and small, hard-to-reach areas. It is built with rugged, all-steel construction and hardened steel tines for strength, and it has vinyl comfort-grip handles to make your job easier. The mini claw is comfortable and efficient--your garden and your back will love it.

Fiskars Gardener's Essentials Gift Set
* A perfect gift for your favorite gardener
* Set includes bypass pruner, deluxe trowel, loofah soap, and herbal moisture cream
* Pruner has Teflon-coated steel blades and cuts branches up to 5/8-inches in diameter
* Trowel cast from rustproof aluminum alloy

Ready for the next gardening season? With this Gardener's Essentials set you soon will be. Perfect for the gardener just starting out, as well as the pro, the set includes both the tools to get the hard work done and the supplies for pampering after a long day in the dirt. The bypass pruner offers comfort grips and an ambidextrous lock, so that either righties or lefties can be comfortable. The steel blade with sap groove has a nonstick Teflon coating, making branches up to 5/8-inches in diameter easy to cut, or use the wire-cutting notch to snip small-gauge wire. The trowel is cast from a high-strength aluminum alloy, which means it won't rust--even after seasons of use. Lightweight, one-piece construction makes the trowel sturdy and beveled edges at the tip make digging easier. After an exhausting day in the garden, don't forget to reward yourself! The set includes Gardener's loofah soap, formulated to remove dirt and plant residue from your hands, and Gardener's herbal moisture cream. The cream will seal in moisture and help prevent the skin from drying out and cracking. Spoil the gardener you love (or yourself) with the full Gardener's Essentials gift set. They'll thank you for it from the flowering trenches.

Gardener's Herbal Moisture Cream is rich in natural emollients and minerals. This cream will seal in moisture and help prevent drying and cracking of skin. The Gardener's Loofah Soap is formulated to remove tough dirt and plant residue from hard-working hands. The bypass pruner ensures a close clean cut, just right for green growth pruning. Comfort grips and an ambidextrous lock make this pruner comfortable in the left or right hand. The high-carbon steel blade has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to cut branches up to 5/8-inch in diameter. A groove on the hook collects sap so the blade moves without sticking. The wire-cutting notch comes in handy for snipping small-gauge wire. And, to eliminate any possibility of pinching your hand, we designed this pruner with a concealed spring. The deluxe trowel is cast from a high-strength aluminum alloy, making it rust-proof. Lightweight and constructed in one piece, this trowel is so sturdy it won't break or bend at the neck.

Flora & Fauna Bunny Sprinkler
* Made of 100% recycled cast aluminum
* Copper-coated with weathered verdigris patina
* Durable will not self destruct like plastic and resin versions
* Solid brass spray nozzle with filter screen installed at hose fitting
* Measures 7 by 5 by 5 inches

Rumford Gardener Deluxe Indoor Garden Set with Mini Tote
Everything you need to care for your indoor plantings. Canvas Mini-tote includes two mini-hand tools, pruner and plant mister.

Hill Design Wide Oval Bunny Windowsill Pot
* Waterproof
* Vitrified creamware garden pottery
* Pot includes a plastic liner for drainage
* Ideal for indoor use with a delicate motif with verdigris wash
* Measures 5 3/8" in height, 9" in length and 3 3/4" in width

American Woods Windsor Collection Chaise Lounge with Sidetable
* Made of western red cedar
* Treated with clear oil preservative
* Sturdy construction and plated hardware
* Made in USA
* 62" x 24" x 33 3/4"
Outdoor lounges are excellent for barbecues, afternoon lemonade breaks, and summer tanning sessions. Crafted from beautiful western red cedar, this chaise lounge is 62 inches long and features hidden steel-rod reinforcements to help it endure years of outdoor use. Sealed with a clear preserve to weather rain and snow, the cedar with mortise-and-tenon joinery will last for years to come. The seat is wide (24 inches across) and offers three angles: fully upright, reclined, and almost completely flat, encouraging hours of outdoor leisure. Assembly was relatively easy thanks to wing-nut tightening, but the cryptic directions slowed us down, and it took 45 minutes to get the chaise together. --Ariel Meadow Stallings

Gilmour 5/8" x 50' Flexogen Hose
* 50 feet by 5/8 inches
* Flexible at subfreezing temperatures
* Polyester cord reinforcement
* Damage resistant

Touted as "the last hose you'll ever buy," Gilmour's Flexogen hose is designed to stay flexible all year long--even at freezing temperatures. The hose features heavy-duty brass couplings to seal tightly, a Flow Guard Plus collar to prevent kinking at the faucet, and double cord reinforcement to manage up to 500 psi without bursting. Its six-ply patented design is reinforced by special foamed inner layers and a smooth, glossy sealed cover, ensuring your hose will stay clean and resist abrasion. Gilmour is so confident about the quality of their Flexogen hose, they offer a lifetime replacement policy.

Ames Small Lawn Buddy
* Rugged all-poly construction for strength and durability
* Handle folds down and doubles as a seat
* Molded tool clips and drink holders
* Three storage compartments

Ever get lonely--or disorganized--when you're in the garden? Lawn Buddy could be the solution for both problems. It's a rolling minicart, it's a seat, it's a drink holder, it's got tool clips--and it wants to be your best friend. The folding seat doubles as a handle that can be pushed or pulled and features two molded drink holders for those long, hot days in the sun (or cold ones in the rain). The plastic seat isn't soft or padded, but it is molded for comfort. Lifting up the seat reveals a removable organizer tray, with three storage compartments below, as well as a roomy storage area for holding plants, pots, or other tools. This could just as easily be a garage or workshop buddy, given its large, wide-set wheels; tool clips; and rustproof poly construction. Just hose it off at the end of the day and set it upright for compact storage. Limited lifetime warranty.

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Salad Bowl
What could be a better gift for your favorite gardener than an assortment of Crabtree & Evelyn unguents and ointments for soothing work-roughened hands? And what better vessel to hold them than a handsome salad bowl that will later contain the fruits (and vegetables) of his or her labors? The sturdy aluminum salad bowl measures 4 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter and includes oversize aluminum serving utensils. Best of all, the bowl is wrapped with a festive ribbon and filled with a splendid array of skin-care products designed with gardeners in mind. Products include a scrub bar with pumice and scrub grains for removing dirt, fragrant lettuce soap, skin remedy analgesic with lavender oil, hand therapy for soothing work-roughened hands, and a scrub brush. Ease your favorite gardener's green thumb and be ready to enjoy the harvest! --Benjamin Reese

This stunning aluminum salad bowl and servers will be perfect for tossing greens freshly picked from the garden. Inside are soothing essentials from our gardeners range: After Work Scrub Grains(2.5oz); Skin Soothing Bath Soak with Oat Protein (8.5oz); Hand Therapy (50ml); Lettuce Soap (75g); Outdoor Defense Insect Repellent ; Antibacterial Scrub Bar with Pumice (195g) and wooden nail brush.

Fiskars Windowsill Garden Gift Set
* Perfect gift for indoor gardeners
* Set includes planting container, bypass pruner, and garden shears
* Bypass pruner has steel blade, thorn stripper, stem crusher, and cushioned grips
* Garden shears have nonrusting steel blades and molded handles

This Windowsill Garden gift set is intended for those who don't have a large backyard in which to garden. You'd be surprised how quickly a few green leaves can transform the view from any window--even back alleys and neighbors' garages look better when they're framed by some lovingly grown plants. The Windowsill set includes a wrought-metal planting container, designed to be the perfect width for a sill. You'll also find Softgrip pruning shears with a bypass steel blade, complete with a thorn stripper and stem crusher (to improve cut-flower water absorption) built into the handles. In addition, the garden shears have comfort-molded handles and nonrusting steel blades. Treat a friend to the an amazing view with the Windowsill Garden set--all that's missing is a pack of seeds, a little potting soil, and a few rays of sun.

Fiskars Garden Shears are perfect for snipping fresh herbs or flowers for a bouquet from your windowsill garden. The signature orange, comfort-molded handles and non-rusting stainless steel blades make these scissors ideal for a garden of any size. The Softgrip Pruner has a bypass style blade which makes precise, flush cuts. Quality features that all gardeners will appreciate include a high carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating, stem crusher, and leaf stripper. Softgrip cushioned grips and an ambidextrous lock make this pruner comfortable in any size hand. Packaged in an 11-inch galvanized oval tin with ivy decal, making both a practical and attractive gift for any gardener.

Red Wheelbarrow
This little wheelbarrow is the tool of choice for hauling flowers, grass clippings, toys, and other treasures. Not only does it look like a real wheelbarrow, it is a real wheelbarrow, with a red steel tray, a black triangular steel undercarriage, and finished hardwood handles. The tray has no-scratch edges and is 20 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. The black plastic molded wheel is 7 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches wide. The wheelbarrow stands 11 inches from the floor and is 32 inches from the front of the tray to the ends of handles. The whole thing weighs a little more than 7 pounds. --Louise Carter

Home Depot Garden Tool Set
This garden tool-set is made especially for little hands. It includes a cultivator, trowel, transplanter, and gloves. Each of these sturdy plastic toy tools has an easy-grip Home Depot-orange handle. Also in this set are a packet of seeds, a garden stake, a garden sign, and a sheet of gardening tips.

Gardening Pouch Set with 3 Tools
This set includes a durable, washable nylon pouch with adjustable waistband. It also includes three tools for the little hands of the young gardener (spade, shovel and rake)..

Vegetable Garden Kit
At the first sign of spring, it's time to pull out this superb vegetable gardening kit from Alex Toys. It contains everything your children will need to grow their own vegetables, recipes to prepare them once they're grown, activities in which to use the leaves, and a lot more. The instruction booklet very clearly explains everything from how to determine when to plant the seeds to how to use the tops of full-grown root vegetables to create a "Tip Top Garden." A clever garden wheel shows how long it will take various seeds to grow and the best season to harvest the plants, and a color-in bug guide illustrates the world of insects ("Tiny Friends and Foes"). The kit includes a planting tray with peat pellets, six seed packets (carrot, radish, tomato, pea, lettuce, bean), markers and stickers, a trowel, a ruler, and several activity cards. --Rachel Radway

Kyoto Gardens
Platform: Mac OS, Windows 95 / 98 / Me
* Experience Japanese garden design
* Seamless panorama of wood, sand, and stone
* Uses QuickTime VR technology
* Maps, slides, and screensavers
* Essays, history, and aesthetic

Art & Practice of Gardening (VHS)

Monet's Garden at Giverny (VHS)
The garden that inspired 500 of Monet's paintings is given a horticultural and art history spin. The artist's presence is felt through interviews with Monet's step-grandson and his wife, who speak about how the father of impressionism--who died in 1926--used the garden during the second half of his life to further his art. The resurrection of the garden, neglected after the death of Monet's widow, is followed in painstaking detail as the production presents a year in the life of the garden, which sees half a million tourists annually. The careful botanic study also includes thoughtful analysis about the use of the colorful garden as a palette for Monet's work. An artist, a photographer-historian, a Japanese garden designer, and gardeners weigh in, helping the viewer to see the cornucopia of nature as perhaps Monet did. And, as one artist says, "What wonderful eyes to see it through." --Valerie J. Nelson

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