America's Favorite Backyard Wildlife
by Kit Harrison, George Harrison (Contributor)

Living With Wildlife: How to Enjoy, Cope With, and Protect North America's Wild Creatures Around Your Home and Theirs
by Diana Landau (Editor), Shelley Stump
Millions of North Americans -- in suburbs, rural areas, even cities -- share habitat with common wild animals. Most of us enjoy their presence, but problems may arise when raccoons raid the garbage cans, deer "prune" the shrubbery, or rabbits nibble garden veggies. How do you deal humanely with such situations? And how can you help injured wildlife around your home? Living with Wildlife identifies and describes more than 100 species, explains how wildlife-human interactions can lead to conflicts, and offers proven advice for how to resolve them. Created by the California Center for Wildlife, leaders in wildlife rehabilitation and education, this practical handbook contains:
-- A concise history of wildlife conservation.
-- Chapters on making your outside environment hospitable to wild creatures and your home secure from their intrusions, and on caring for wildlife in distress.
-- A comprehensive Reference Guide with identifying information and useful background on the animals' needs and habits.
-- Common and unusual wildlife problems, and the most humane solutions.
-- Appendices listing government agencies, private wildlife centers, and other information resources.

Underlying the practical wisdom in this guide is the Center's philosophy that wild creatures rightfully share our living space, and thereby enrich our lives.

Tracking & the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Tracks & Sign
by Paul Rezendes
A good observer of nature, walking, say, in an oak forest, may discern that some of the acorns on which he or she is treading are broken into little bits. After reading wildlife interpreter and photographer Paul Rezendes's guidebook to animal signs, that same observer will be able to tell which of those acorns have been split by human footsteps and deer hooves and which have been gnawed apart by squirrels--and by what species of squirrel. A wonderfully thorough, well-illustrated compendium, Rezendes's text covers a wide range of North American animal species, including rodents, hoofed animals, bears, raccoons, opossums, and members of the weasel, rabbit, dog, and cat families. He describes not only the signs these animals leave but also their ways of life throughout the year, and with an appropriately environmentalist purpose. "Ultimately," Rezendes writes, "tracking an animal makes us sensitive to it--a bond is formed, an intimacy develops. We begin to realize that what is happening to the animals and to the planet is actually happening to us." He's right, of course, but one need not take such a macrocosmic view of nature to take pleasure in, and learn from, this fine book. --Gregory McNamee

The Science and Art of Tracking
by Tom Brown Jr.
More popular than ever, Tom Brown, Jr.'s unique approach to inner growth through outer awareness has gained a wide audience, ranging from weekend campers and nature lovers, to serious survivalists and college students. The Science and Art of Tracking expands upon Tom Brown's most enduring subject: the important life lessons to be learned through tracking skills. Tom Brown was taught the ancient skills of survival by a Native American he called Grandfather. His most advanced lessons were those of the scouts, members of a secret society who were highly attuned to nature. The scouts refined tracking to a disciplined science and art form. With these physical skills came enhanced perception and true enlightment. "Tracking was their doorway to the universe," Tom Brown writes, "where they could know all things through the tracks..." Now Tom Brown, Jr. shares generations of wisdom through one of the most rewarding pursuits to be found in nature. Tracking lets us unlock the secrets of each animal we follow, and in turn, to become more aware of our own place in nature and the world. It is a journey of discovery that engages the senses, awakens the spirit, and enlightens the soul.

Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
by Tom Brown Jr.
Learn what's safe to eat in the wild, and which plants could save your life.

Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness
by John McPherson, Geri McPherson

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